The ID Limousine Minibus: The Best Group Chauffeur Service in Monaco

Black luxury Minibus Capacity: 21

With capacity for up to 21 and a totally customizable interior, there is no better choice for group limo service in Cannes than the ID Limousine minibus. The Mercedes Sprinter is the obvious choice for all large groups visiting the French Riviera and wishing to travel together in comfort and style. While Sprinters were originally designed as state of the art utility vehicles, the model has since transformed into the world’s greatest luxury minibus.

ID Limousine guarantees to provide the greatest group private chauffeur service in Monaco using the most comfortable and elegant vehicle on the market. Whether you require a French Riviera limousine for a couple of days or a couple of weeks, ID Limousine is eager to cater to your every transportation services need. If you are searching for the perfect vehicle for group travel, look no further than the Mercedes Sprinter.

Trust the Premiere Limo Service in Cannes for your Group Travel Desires

The ID Limousine minibus is the perfect luxury travel option for groups of up to 21 individuals.  The sophisticated interior is built for comfort, and there is no other vehicle like it.  The interior is set up to comfortably seat all 21 travelers but can be easily adjusted to make a one-of-a-kind luxury lounge if your group is a bit smaller.  The coach is entirely customizable.  Working with the professionals at ID Limousine to create the perfect interior luxury experience for you and your traveling companions will further prove why we are the absolute best in French Riviera limousine services and luxury car rental.

Customized Travel with Minibus Chauffeur Service in Monaco

Organizing international travel for large groups of people is tiring and stressful, so why not let the experts at ID Limousine handle all of your planning woes with the premiere limo service in Cannes.  Call ahead to reserve a minibus and let the ID Limousine professionals begin planning your ultimate French Riviera adventure. Whether you and your traveling companions are trying to explore the nearby mountains or world-class beaches, the Mercedes Sprinter and your private chauffeur will shuttle your group around the region in unrivaled comfort and convenience.

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