Our Limousine XXL: The Indisputable Best Limousine Service in Nice

exclusive XXL limousine Capacity: 9

Nothing emits luxury and prestige like a limousine service in Nice, and the professionals at ID Limousine guarantee to help you experience the French Riviera and Monaco in unrivaled comfort and style. With capacity for up to nine passengers, our XXL Limousine service in Nice is the perfect way to travel through the glamorous French Riviera. While commonly used for wedding transportation and major events, a rental limousine in Monaco and beyond is a versatile and adaptable means of luxury transportation for any occasion.  From a VIP night on the town, business meetings, or luxury tours of the coastline, the ID Limousine reservations specialists and private chauffeurs will work with you to piece together the perfect itinerary for your time on the Cote d’Azur with our transportation services.

Trust ID for your Cannes limousine Needs

More than just a reliable way to get around the French Riviera in style, your Cannes VIP limousine is also full of features to make your travel experience as comfortable and lavish as possible. Adjustable heating and air conditioning allow you to fix the temperature of the limousine lounge to the degree, and the state of the art sound system provides you the opportunity to select your own Cannes limousine playlist. In conjunction with ice compartments for your champagne or drinks of choice, there is no luxury travel experience quite like the XXL Limousine.  If anonymity is what you desire, the privacy screen and dark tinted windows allow you to party and celebrate in style as you transfer to your final destination – icing on the cake for your luxury transportation experience.

The Premiere VIP Limousine in Monaco

The XXL Limousine is without question the premiere limousine service in Monaco and all of the French Riviera.  The extra long design creates ample room in the interior travel lounge where comfort is the top priority.  With abundant room for nine VIP passengers, the XXL Limousine is the definition of class and comfort.  In a region where elegance reigns supreme, ID Limousine is the clear choice for any luxury traveler.

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