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ID Limousine: The Obvious Choice for your Nice Airport Transfer

Posted on March 24, 2016

With all of the luxury vehicle and limo services that ID Limousine offers, some of our most popular products involve airport limousine transfers.  And for good reason!  After a long and tiring international flight to the South of France the last thing you want to worry about is how to arrive at your final destination.  That’s where ID Limousine comes in.  Our Nice airport transfer is the most reliable and luxurious airport transportation available and guarantees to get you where you are going in a safe and timely manner.  Flying into Nice but haven’t thought of a final destination yet?  Consider utilizing our airport limo services to explore one of these four iconic destinations.

Take an Airport Limousine Inland and Explore the Quaint Village of Mougins

While many people are drawn to the South of France for its breathtakingly beautiful Mediterranean Coastline, don’t overlook the option to explore inland.  About thirty minutes from the Nice airport is Mougins – a small and beautiful forested village with a rich culinary and artistic history.  Pablo Picasso spent the last decade of his life living in a small farm on a hilltop in Mougins.  Today, you can see some of his renowned paintings in the Muséed’ArtClassique de Mougins, as well as the works of many other famous classical artists such as Matisse, Degas, Dali, Lautrec, and much more.

Head South from Mougins to Cannes with our Limo Services

Just south of Mougins on the French Riviera is the well known city of Cannes.  This bustling city of nearly 75,000 residents is a classic stop for those looking to experience all of France’s Mediterranean Coast.  Perhaps best known for playing host to the elegant Cannes Festival, this city on the sea is also a favorite stomping ground for the rich and famous on vacation.  You will feel right at home with the plethora of luxury hotels, villas, shops, and restaurants as you arrive in your airport limousine.

Relax in your Nice Airport Transfer en route to Sainte-Maxime

After spending hours on a plane to arrive in France, you can sit back and relax as our airport limousine shuttles you to the beautiful coastal city of Sainte-Maxime.  Located about 90km from the airport, this one-hour trip is well worth the additional travel time.  Sainte-Maxime is on the northern shore of the Gulf of Saint-Tropez and nestled below the Massif des Maures Mountains – helping to create for the perfect Mediterranean climate.  Despite being a small city, it offers everything a visitor to Southern France would want.

Visit Sainte-Tropez and Experience the Best of the French Riviera

After a beautiful 100km Nice airport transfer,you will arrive in Sainte-Tropez – the quintessential town of the French Riviera.  With only 6,000 year round residents, this sleepy fishing village turned vacation hub provides the perfect backdrop to sit back, relax, and enjoy the luxuries of Southern France.  Miles of beaches, elegant villas and resorts, delicious cuisine, and exciting nights on the Mediterranean Coast have made Sainte-Tropez the incredible travel destination that it is today!

Travel can be exhausting and stressful, so why not let the professionals handle all of the details when you arrive?  Our expert staff at ID Limousine is here to take care of your every need.  Beginning with an airport transfer and continuing with any other limo services you may desire, we are here to ensure your stay in France is unforgettable.  Book your flight to the Nice airport today and contact ID Limousine to let us take care of the rest!